ZEBEC offers the selection of Commercial Grade Float & Slide Tubes. Whether you need a tube for your waterpark slide, wave pool, lazy river or customer rental operations - we have the tube you are looking for.

Double Outside Seams

All ZEBEC waterpark tubes have double outside seams with a smooth beaded finish. The outside seams are heat sealed and a bead is formed along the entire length of the seam to create a smooth finish. This extra bead helps prevent abrasion wear and prolongs the life of the tube.

Heavy-Duty Handles
We use only extra heavy-duty handles on all ZEBEC waterpark tubes. 

ZEBEC Tripple (3 Persons) tubes are available in 42" and 48" sizes. All sizes measured when deflated.

ZEBEC tubes comes with printing includes a "front arrow" and a Safety Warning Statement. Each tube has 7 Heavy-duty handles, a recessed safety valve and an individual repair kit.

Material : PVC, K80 / 28G ~ 30G, 0,75mm Thickness